Plasti Dip Automotive Rubber Coating

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Coats of Plasti Dip Should I Apply?

Always try to apply at least 4-5 coats for any project. The more coats the better.


How Do I Clean My Wheels Before Dipping Them?

All you need to do is wash them enough to get rid of any dirt, oil, grease or wax. Then make sure they are absolutely dry and a minimum of 60 degrees in temp.


Will Plasti Dip Damage My Clear Coat?

Plasti Dip has been sprayed on thousands of cars over the last few years with most people enjoying great results. However, every car and situation is unique so we would recommend trying a small test spot on your vehicle before you apply Plasti Dip to the whole car.


Can You Ship Plasti Dip Internationally?

No. Because Plasti Dip is a flammable and hazardous material we can only ship it to the Continental US via ground service.


How Do You Wash Plasti Dip?

The very best way to wash your car is with soap and water. Many people pressure wash Plasti Dip and have great results as long as they are careful.


How Many Gallons of Plasti Dip Do I Need to Do My Car?

3 gallons will do most standard sized cars. Although for larger trucks and SUVs you could use up to 4-5 gallons. Also, when doing a contrasting or lighter color to your vehicles existing paint we advise using one additional gallon.