Plasti Dip Automotive Rubber Coating

Terms and Conditions

Product Availability offers for sale its Product(s) and/or Services(s) according to its standard Product Availability. Due to high demand, some of’s offered products may be on a delayed shipping time. Although most orders ship on schedule, we appreciate your patience with any possible delays.

Shipping & Handling

All orders will be shipped via UPS under the ORM-D ground-shipping platform. does not ship any of our products internationally.

Responsible Practices and Liability customarily provides sales and technical support assistance before, during and after the purchase process, and endeavors to provide accurate and helpful information to Customer. However, Customer shall be solely responsible for making a final determination as to the suitability and compatibility of DipSourcecom’s product(s) and/or services for Customer's intended use.

Plasti Dip International and take zero responsibility or liability for the process, usage or end result of the Plasti Dip products.

You Acknowledge that:

  • All cars, paints, and surfaces are unique.
  • By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you release from any liability regarding the result or results from using the products sold on our website.
  • You will test the materials on your surface or car before applying.
  • Wearing proper safety material and use the products in well ventilated area is highly recommended

Delaware and Maryland Customers

Sales and usage of “Rubber Dip Spray” in either Delaware or Maryland is permitted ONLY if the individual applying the product is not receiving commission; or if the facility used by the compensated individual utilizes approved emission control systems and practices that comply with MVMEER guidelines.

California Customers

Sales and usage of “Rubber Dip" and "Rubber Dip Spray" gallon size products are not compliant with Federal Regulations in the state of California. Therefore gallon sized Rubber Dip and Rubber Dip Spray products cannot be sold in California. Rubber Dip and Rubber Dip Spray can both be purchased in CA in sizes less than 1 gallon. Please be aware of this ruling and follow all guidelines.